Our history

Immerse yourself in a magical universe where creativity meets elegance, and where each celebration is transformed into a colorful spectacle.
Welcome to Décor Festif, a family business born from passion and sharing. Discover our history, shaped by the love of decoration and the art of hosting.
Décor Festif is the embodiment of a dream born from the love and shared vision of two sisters. Since our childhood, we have been immersed in an enchanted world of balloons and sparkling garlands at family events. This is how our creative spirit was nourished, evolving to the rhythm of the festivities that seemed to defy the laws of gravity.
Our mother, an inexhaustible source of inspiration, is truly passionate about decoration and the art of welcoming. It is thanks to her that we understood that decoration is much more than a profession, it is a way of creating precious memories and spreading joy. His teachings showed us how every detail counts to create a unique atmosphere that amazes guests.

Driven by this passion that flows in our veins, we brought our dream to life by creating Décor Festif. Our online store is a true paradise for lovers of bright colors and festive atmospheres. We offer a wide range of balloons in all colors, garlands to assemble the balloons, as well as practical accessories such as pumps and electric inflators to make setting up the decoration easier. Everything you need to create a memorable ambiance is just a click away.

At Décor Festif, our commitment is to offer you quality products that are kind to our very dear planet. We work closely with carefully selected suppliers, sharing our vision of excellence and sustainability. Each balloon is 100% French made and 100% biodegradable latex, because we believe that every celebration deserves the best.

The story of Décor Festif is written every day, guided by love, creativity and the desire to share with you our passion for the art of celebration. Join us on this adventure and transform every event into a dazzling and unforgettable moment. Visit our online store now and let us help you create sparkling memories that will light up your life.