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Manual pump characteristic


  • Specific tip: The hand pump is equipped with a tip designed to adapt perfectly to the openings of the balloons. This makes it easy to inflate balloons of different sizes, allowing you to quickly prepare your decorations.

  • Lightweight and compact design: Thanks to its lightweight and compact design, this hand pump is easily transportable. It can be taken wherever you organize your parties, whether at home, in a park or in a reception hall.

  • European standards: The hand pump for inflating balloons complies with European safety and quality standards. You can use it with confidence, knowing that it meets strict performance and safety requirements.

  • Durable Plastic Material: Made of quality plastic, this pump is designed to be durable. Allowing you to use it during multiple events and especially outdoors (without an electrical outlet).

  • Easy to use: The manual pump is easy to use. Simply insert the tip into the opening of the balloon, hold the pump firmly and move back and forth to inflate the balloon. You can control the degree of inflation by adjusting the force and frequency of movements.


  1. Insert the tip of the hand pump into the opening of the balloon to be inflated.

  2. Hold the pump firmly and use quick back and forth movements to inflate the balloon.

  3. Continue until the balloon reaches the desired size. Monitor inflation carefully to avoid overinflating the balloon.

  4. Once the balloon is inflated, carefully remove the pump tip and close the opening of the balloon to hold it in place.

Additional Tips:

  • To make the inflation process easier, you can lightly moisten the pump tip before inserting it into the opening of the balloon.

  • Use regular, smooth movements for efficient and even balloon inflation.

  • Store the hand pump in a safe, dry place after use to keep it in good condition.

Simplify your balloon inflating experience with the convenient Hand Pump for inflating balloons. Lightweight, easily transportable and easy to use, this pump is ideal.

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